Are you and your horse feeling a little stuck? Maybe you are hitting the same plateau over and over. Or you can’t quite figure out why your schooling rides have inconsistent results. Maybe you have a new horse and you’re both trying to figure how to ride together as a team.

The Fresh Eyes service series is designed to give experienced riders a new perspective on their horses and riding partnerships. Through focused observation, customized biomechanics exercises and creative schooling techniques, we help you build awareness of your horse’s movement, signals and expression. Sessions are designed to complement(rather than replace) discipline specific lessons. The Fresh Eyes services include:

Fresh Eyes Consultation

Private session at your barn

  • Detailed observation of you and your horse (on ground and under saddle)
  • Analysis of how your seat and hands are received by the horse
  • Techniques for riding with feel for your horse’s movement
  • Awareness cues to determine how your horse handles aids & pressure
  • Biomechanics (“pilates” for horses) exercises to spot tension or braces
  • Cross-training ideas for schooling sessions

Session length: 45 minutes
Cost: $85

Email to schedule

Fresh Eyes Micro-Clinic

In-depth focus session on particular topic for you and your horse

  • Teacher review of video of you and your horse before session
  • Teacher responses to your emailed Q & A/description of issue before session
  • Customized exercises formulated specifically for you and your horse
    (for effective assessment and analysis)
  • Awareness cues, schooling techniques and biomechanics exercises
  • Developing your eye and your feel for how your horse approaches the issue that you are working on in the session
  • Follow-up a week later over email/video to track progress

Session length: 75 min session
Cost: $160

Email to schedule