I highly recommend Horse Wise! Lynn’s coaching has helped me to significantly improve my communication skills with my horses. I think what makes Lynn’s coaching particularly effective is her true gift for seeing the best in both horses and humans. She also has a talent for assessing the unique personalities and needs of each horse. Lynn has also helped me to see the positive responses that my horses were often giving me… even for things I didn’t realize I was asking for! She has a very supportive approach and a great sense of humor –and has helped me to appreciate both the ‘small’ and ‘big’ victories in our training. Working with Lynn has truly helped me to build a stronger relationship with my horses.

Jennifer Holme (Jade and Teddy)

I have several students who have participated in Lynn’s program. They range from top level competitors to the weekend warrior. Each of their horses have vastly differing physical and mental challenges they work to overcome. The coaching they have received from this program has provided ALL of them with enhanced communication with their horses, a new lens when diagnosing common behavioral “issues”, increased confidence, as well as a variety of problem-solving techniques. Lynn’s program takes a deeper dive into equine psychology than most traditional riding programs – including my own! I love the layer this has added to my student’s horsemanship (and my own!) and will gladly be recommending it to future students!

Melissa Jesurun Performance Horses

I started working with Lynn in June. I have a “finished” horse, but I knew he was bothered but things, and I wanted to help him feel better about life, and I wanted to feel more comfortable working with him. 8 sessions have made a significant difference in how we are together, and I’m looking forward to continuing our work. Over and over, over the years, I’ve heard and read that every interaction we have with our horse means something to the horse. NOW I get it! How we are with our horse every moment, from opening the paddock gate to approaching with a halter – everything we do means something to him and brings up some thoughts and feelings, so surely it should be equally important to us. THAT is truly respecting his being and emotions. Slow and steady and consistent, with meaning and intent, is what means so much to our horses. And it’s so what they appreciate! We are far from our goal, but thanks to Lynn Reardon, we’re going to get there. Lynn’s way of being and of teaching and of speaking has turned on our lightbulbs!!

Jini Berman (and Ike)

I can’t say enough good things about Lynn. We did a micro clinic and by the end I felt so relaxed and happy about the direction my horse, Lawyer, and I were headed. Lynn breaks the movements down so they are easy to understand and execute. I will be continuing my lessons as I can absolutely see the value in foundation work! Thanks Lynn!

Kelsey Gibson (and Lawyer)