From the Ground Up

Six Week Coaching Package

I teach you where to start with your horse.

Learn simple tools to build a better partnership by understanding your horse’s behavior.

No fancy bits, complex training methods
or “woo woo” magic techniques.

Your Challenge

Confused about what to do with your horse?

Do any of these apply to your horse situation?

  • You lack confidence around your horse and are unsure where to begin
  • Your confusion is creating anxiety and you’re having less fun at the barn
  • You’ve been researching different training methods but are overwhelmed by the options
  • Your horse has less-than-ideal manners on the ground but you don’t know how to change that
  • You don’t understand your horse – sometimes he surprises you with his responses
  • You and your horse keep hitting a plateau in riding progress
  • You want a good partnership with your horse but aren’t even sure what that means or how to get it
  • You find yourself fantasizing about buying “the perfect horse”

The Horse Wise Solution

I can coach you to confidence so you can assess and direct your horse from the ground up

  • Become aware of your horse’s behavior (what is he doing?)
  • Understand what this behavior means (why is he doing this?)
  • Connect with him on the ground using essential tools (halter and lead rope)
  • Learn which fundamentals to focus on (no matter what your discipline)
  • Discover key exercises to do with your horse to build confidence (his and yours)
  • Adjust key elements in your routine for big changes

Any discipline. Any breed. No fancy bits, techniques, or woo woo. All you need is a willing and curious mind, a halter and lead rope, and your horse.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain fundamental tools to assess your horse and his needs
  • Train your eye to spot patterns in your horse’s behavior
  • Learn how to diagnose and improve riding issues from ground work
  • Build awareness of timing and balance in guiding your horse
  • Understand basics of equine biomechanics and footfall
  • Learn how to prepare and position your horse
  • Create weekly practice of simple exercises to set good patterns
  • Learn how to avoid classic mental pitfalls (“I suck and my horse hates me”)
  • Develop skills to coach yourself and your horse to better partnership

Results for you and your horse

  • Increase confidence as a rider and handler
  • Build trust in your horse and in yourself
  • Improve and strengthen your riding partnership
  • Get “unstuck” from old patterns so you can make progress as a team
  • Acquire tools for continual growth with your horse
  • Develop a “detective mind” for assessing future situations with your horse
  • Gain clarity about your horse’s behavior and your goals as a rider.

Whether you’re into dressage, jumping, roping, barrel racing, pleasure riding or skijoring, Horse Wise can coach you to a better partnership. I help you prepare to position you and your horse for success – by giving you a fresh perspective and new window of understanding.

What to Expect

  • Video analysis of you and your horse together
  • 1-to-1 Coaching calls via Zoom
  • Online lessons and demonstrations
  • Customized audio coaching
  • Schooling exercises designed specifically for you and your horse

What it Costs


  • Full money back guarantee if you don’t understand your horse better after completing all assignments in the six week course
  • First time clients receive two weeks of free follow-up coaching calls after completing the six week course

This sounds great. I’m ready to build a better partnership with my horse.

I’m interested, but have some questions to see if this is the right fit for me.