To meet out-of-state and long distance needs, Horse Wise offers online, video and phone coaching.

Online Coaching

Horse Wise offers two online coaching options. In our six-week coaching package, you will learn simple tools to build a better partnership with your horse (without fancy bits or complicated training techniques).

A single coaching session is also available. This in-depth “power” session focuses on a particular topic for you and your horse. For more information, please contact us.

Video and Phone Coaching

Options range from weekly to monthly packages tailored for your goals with your horse. For more information, please contact us.

Free Consultation Call

Having some frustration with your riding or your horse – but not sure if you need coaching? Horse Wise offers a free consultation call to discuss your situation. During the call, we will walk you through a Q&A process that will help pinpoint the issues and determine possible solutions. To book a free consultation call, please contact us.