Have Fun and Beat the Heat with Our New Summer Workshop Series!

Summer Workshop Series

Become Horse Wise this summer with our “beat the heat” workshop series!

Summer is supposed to be fun, right? Full of vacations, swimming pools and beach balls. 

But if you’re like me, it can feel like a time of pressure. When you realize that the year is halfway over – and you have lost key time on 2024 goals.

That sinking feeling you have when a horse does something unexpected. Why did he do that – and what does it mean? 

The knot in your stomach when you think of all the things you don’t know about horses. How do you squeeze in quality learning when you already feel far behind?

Especially in hot and sweaty summer temperatures. 

I have good news for you. The deepest learning is often based on the most basic principles – presented in a fun, relaxed way.  

So, I have designed a simple, summer workshop series. Easy logistics, minimal sweat and a relaxed, small group format. All focused on playful applications of ground work:

  • Three Sunday workshops in the series, each on a different topic.
  • Three horses here will be your guides and teachers (on the ground). Because learning from new horses can boost your awareness much faster. 
  • Location is at my private farm in Driftwood, TX.  
  • Each workshop is limited to 5 participants. 



Build confidence with horses (while smiling in the process)

Sunday, July 14

9am - 11am

Tap into your inner kid’s love of horses. Learn how to “see” a horse’s personality and mood. Have fun connecting to a horse as another unique individual (just like you). Understand how a horse learns – and how to adapt your approach to fit that style. Learn playful ground work exercises, body language hacks and horse handling tips that are designed to help a horse relax and enjoy your company.


Storytelling tools for better horsemanship

Sunday, July 28

9am - 11am

The stories we tell about horses can be fun, revealing and full of insight. Short, playful exercises will combine writing and horsemanship in entertaining ways. Writing improves your awareness and observation skills. When you write about horsemanship, you focus more effectively on what the horse is doing and why. And horses help us write better, by being such gorgeous and fascinating main characters!


The horse is mirror – what does that mean, anyway?

Sunday, August 11

9am - 11am

How to “see” the mirror that a horse presents to you. Horses can mimic our body language, mood and mindest in surprising ways. This workshop will help you become more aware of your posture and presence – and then show you how each horse here reflects it back to you. A fun way to combine body awareness for ourselves and for the horses. Note: There will be potentially silly “walk this way” exercise, so come prepared to laugh while you learn.

Open to all levels of students (from complete horse novice to seasoned show competitor)

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