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About Lynn

My Philosophy

The core of my teaching philosophy is to help you do less sooner (preferably while smiling). 

And show you how to set it up so that your horse can seek and find the answers. 

The ability to ease your intensity – to slow down, smile and enjoy your time with your horse – is a key part of progress (for both horse and rider). 

I learned everything I know the hard way – with lots of mistakes, embarrassment and awkwardness. My goal is to help my students have a smoother and more relaxed path to success than mine. And to learn everything I did in half the time (with twice the fun)! 

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Want to learn more about my journey from office work to horse lifestyle? 

Check out Beyond the Homestretch (the tale of my career change) or this Horse Wise podcast episode.

Official Grown-up Credentials

Lynn is the best-selling author of Beyond the Homestretch: What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear and Finding My Inner Cowgirl. Her work with the horses has been featured in The New York TimesThe Today ShowOprah MagazineAustin American-Statesman and the Dallas Morning-News (among others). Her Horse Wise podcast has listeners in all 50 states and 102 countries. Lynn is also the founder of LOPE, a racehorse adoption and education charity. 

She has developed multiple youth programs, including the innovative Horse Wise curriculum that uses horsemanship to teach science and math to K-12 students. A lifelong student of the horse, Lynn has ridden with many clinicians and teachers over the years. Her goal is to always be learning new ways to improve as a rider and teacher.

And to teach as many people as possible to laugh in the saddle.

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