In 2016, Lynn Reardon started Horse Wise LLC to offer horsemanship education (coaching, online education, workshops, clinics, podcast and curriculum consulting).

But for Lynn, Horse Wise began in 2007. Back then, Lynn was running a racehorse adoption ranch and blogging about her experiences. Whenever she would write about a key lesson that a horse taught me, she would tag the post as “Horse Wise.” From that beginning, Horse Wise became a national coaching and teaching service for people and horses.

And what exactly is Horse Wise? Listen to the podcast episode below for Lynn’s background with horses, the history of Horse Wise and how learning from the horses drew her into the world of coaching. To us, Horse Wise is a way of approaching each horse as a prospective teacher, partner and friend. It also means growing into the person that each horse needs you to be in that moment. An endeavor that is easier said than done — but is deeply rewarding and very much worth the work involved. Join us and learn how to become a student of the horse.