In February 2019, we launched the national Horse Wise podcast, where we share stories about horses and people — and what they teach each other.

Hosted by Lynn Reardon, the podcast includes interviews, tales of big personality horses and entertaining anecdotes about her learning experiences asa lifelong student of the horse.

As of September 2019, the Horse Wise podcast has listeners in 45 states (plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) and 11 countries outside the US (a total of 366 cities/regions overall). We are thrilled with the growing popularity of the podcast and look forward to future expansion!

The Horse Wise podcast shares stories of horses and people – and what they teach each other. Horses bring wisdom, humor, athleticism and inspiration into our lives. Join host Lynn Reardon as she encounters entertaining characters (horse and human) on her own horsemanship journey.
The biggest mistake you can make when a ride doesn’t go well – and how the solution involves you, giant muddy puppies and a sense of humor.
by Lynn Reardon

There is a classic mistake I see most riders make when a ride doesn’t go as expected. And that is the tendency to immediately assume that 1) you suck; and 2) your horse hates you. Pretty much every horsewoman I’ve ever known has experienced the “I suck and my horse hates me” syndrome. It can be overwhelming— and involve sleepless nights, inner turmoil and complete loss of perspective. We think that we are taking constructive action by berating ourselves — after all, we failed and we should pay a price for that right? But the truth is that all of the angst actually prevents us from helping and supporting our horse. The chaotic wave of emotion acts like a fog — we can’t see the what actually happened during the ride because of it. The good news is that there are some fun, simple ways to prevent the “I suck and my horse hates me” scenario. Listen to the episode to discover how you, giant muddy puppies and a sense humor can change everything for the better.

At Horse Wise, I teach people tools so that they can learn how to coach themselves and their horses to progress together as a team. It’s a fun process that shows you how build a good partnership with your horse (in a practical, straightforward way). If you’d like more information on mindset practices, audio coaching (with customized references to things like the muddy puppiesor flyfishinganalogies) or just general Horse Services, please visit our website for more information: if you’d like to keep up with our news and updates, please join our email list or follow us on social media:

The biggest mistake you can make when a ride doesn’t go well – and how the solution involves you, giant muddy puppies and a sense of humor.
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