In February 2019, we launched the national Horse Wise podcast, where we share stories about horses and people — and what they teach each other.

Hosted by Lynn Reardon, the podcast includes interviews, tales of big personality horses and entertaining anecdotes about her learning experiences asa lifelong student of the horse.

As of July 2019, the Horse Wise podcast has listeners in 42 states (192 cities) and 7 countries outside the US (17 cities/regions). We are thrilled with the growing popularity of the podcast and look forward to future expansion!

Horse Wise
The Horse Wise podcast shares stories of horses and people – and what they teach each other. Horses bring wisdom, humor, athleticism and inspiration into our lives. Join host Lynn Reardon as she encounters entertaining characters (horse and human) on her own horsemanship journey.
Meet Jennifer Holme. A dedicated rider discusses how classical horsemanship helps her dressage goals and partnership with her horses (Teddy and Jade).

Jennifer Holme is a dedicated dressage rider and Horse Wise client. She has two wonderful geldings (Teddy and Jade) who are truly her dream horses. An adult amateur, Jennifer learned to ride as a child. But after a fall, she put aside horses to focus on dance, college and adulthood. Twenty years later, a lesson at a hunter/jumper barn led her back to horses. She hasn’t looked back since. Her journey has included multiple disciplines (jumping, western and her current passion of dressage), a move to Texas and two quests for the perfect horse (which resulted her acquisition of both Teddy and Jade).  Teddy is former reining horse with a heart of gold and the build of a burly dachshund. Jade is a young Lusitano with fabulous dressage potential and a sweet temperament. During the interview, Jennifer discusses how classical horsemanship has helped with her dressage goals and (most importantly) her riding partnership with Jade and Teddy. For more information on Horse Wise and to download a free study guide, please visit our website at

Jennifer has worked with both Penny Reeves of Graymar Farm and with Nancy Fair of Fair Oaks Farm. She also has attended a key clinic with Linda Hoover (sponsored by Horse Wise). Please visit their sites for more information about their wonderful services:

Nancy Fair:

Penny Reeves: (also, please see our earlier podcast interview episodes with Penny)

Linda Hoover:

Horse Wise:

Meet Jennifer Holme. A dedicated rider discusses how classical horsemanship helps her dressage goals and partnership with her horses (Teddy and Jade).
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