Does sitting the trot seem like an impossible dream? Do you bounce endlessly in the saddle, with your thighs on fire? This workshop is the answer!

After 20 years of riding green OTTBs, I developed a technique for sitting the trot that is simple, fun to learn and easy to practice! I’ll help you learn how to isolate the key muscles (for you and your horse) that will change the trot forever. You will learn:

  • How your horse’s natural movement can be adapted to help you sit the trot
  • How your way of sitting can better fit your horse (with just two small changes)
  • How to use simple proprioception exercises to adjust your riding pattern
  • What muscles to open (and which ones to close) for a smooth sit trot
  • Why laughter is key to the art of sitting the trot (no, really – it’s science)

Workshop includes ground exercises (for the horses and the riders) and under saddle work. All participants will receive a short video to watch before the clinic (as prep) – and workshop also includes post-workshop group zoom (for follow-up Q&A).

Registration Details

Teacher: Lynn Reardon
Spots available: Minimum of 3 people
Time Length: Four hours (most folks like 10 am – 2 pm)
Location: Your barn
Cost: $150/person or “5 for 5” Special Discount: For Fall 2023, I’m running a “5 for 5” discount for this workshop. 5 people for $500 (each person pays $100).

If you would like to host a HorseWise® “How to Sit the Trot (without feeling like a jack hammer)” workshop at your barn, please contact Lynn for calendar availability. Texas locations preferred, but I’m happy to travel of out state too.