Our workshop series is geared toward people who want a basic introduction to horses and how to handle them in a natural setting. The format is friendly and relaxed, with one-on-one support from the teacher (and the horses).


Fresh Eyes services are designed to give experienced riders new perspectives on their horses and riding partnerships. Through focused observation, customized biomechanics exercises and creative schooling techniques, we help you build awareness of your horse’s movement, signals and expression. Sessions are designed to complement(rather than replace) discipline specific lessons.

Online, Video and Phone Coaching

To meet out-of-state and long distance needs, Horse Wise offers online, video and phone coaching. Packages range from single sessions ($50) to monthly packages tailored for your goals with your horse.

Having some frustration with your riding or your horse – but not sure if you need coaching? Horse Wise offers a free consultation call to discuss your situation. During the call, we will walk you through a Q&A process that will help pinpoint the issues and determine possible solutions. To book a free consultation call, please contact us.

Online Education

To meet demand from long distance students, Horse Wise is designing online education materials (webinar, video and ebook) for availability in summer 2019.

Curriculum Consultation Services

Horse Wise provides curriculum consultation and assessment services for national horsemanship education programs. If you manage a riding school, high school or collegiate equine studies module, therapeutic riding facility, rescue horse retraining group, vocational youth program or equine association education division, we can help you maximize your teaching curriculum in innovative and effective ways.