Women, Wine and Equine

30-Day Coaching Package

Can’t ride your horse much due to quarantine? Lessons disrupted at your barn? Clinics and shows postponed till the fall? Frustrated and not sure how to make progress with your riding goals?

I’ve got you covered. With a special coaching offer guaranteed to give your riding goals an instant fast forward – while having FUN (remember that concept)?

The pandemic came along and messed up everyone’s horse plans. But since it’s here, let’s take something back from it. There are advantages (really) to every situation. Let me help you get the most from this one – while giving you a fun chance to test drive coaching with me. Think of it as a silver lining special!

It’s important to use the quarantine spring wisely (and with humor). So that one day, you’ll look back and see it as a time of progress for you and your horse.

How it Works

  • I’ll help you set a simple 30-day horsemanship goal.
  • I’ll create a plan toward that goal (whether you can ride or not).
  • You’ll get four customized lessons, each with a suggested wine pairing.
  • You’ll get three 30-min one-on-one Zoom calls with me to laugh and get encouragement, review lesson videos and get personalized tips on your goal.
  • You’ll get one group zoom call with other Horse Wise guests to share progress, horse stories and wine recommendations.

Spring Special Price: $75