Offsite “Think” Workshops

I offer offsite workshops on specific riding & ground work topics:

How to Sit the Trot

(without feeling like a jack hammer)

After 20 years of riding green OTTBs, I developed a technique for sitting the trot that is simple, fun to learn and easy to practice! I’ll help you learn how to isolate the key muscles (for you and your horse) that will change the trot forever. Workshop includes ground exercises (for the horses and the riders) and under saddle work.

Ground Work to Help Canter Departs

(and prepare for flying changes)

Does your horse have difficulty with one lead? Do your lope transitions feel tight and unbalanced? This is the one-day clinic for you! I have 4 ground work exercises to help you and your horse have canter transitions like butter (or coconut oil, if you and your horse are vegans). Clinic involves ground work and under saddle exercises.

Horse Yoga for Specific Disciplines

(dressage, barrels, jumping, trail riding)

Horses need cross-training and stretching sessions just like human athletes. This workshop shows you the best horse yoga exercises for your specific discipline. Workshop includes instruction on how to apply the yoga to riding too.  Contact Lynn for more information.

Driftwood, TX Workshops

Writing Workshop: How to Tell Your Horse’s Tale

November 18, 2023  |  Driftwood, TX

If you’ve ever wanted to make your horse the hero of a short story, book or manga series – this is the event for you! Horses changed my life. They made me a bestselling author and a professional trainer/teacher. For the first time ever, I’m sharing how horsemanship helped me become a better writer – and actually reach my childhood dream of publishing a horse book. The workshop includes horse observation, writing and horsemanship exercises, feedback on your story idea and general overview of the publishing process by a bestselling author (hey, that’s me)