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Simple Goals for 2020

“In all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“The secret in riding is to do only a few things but to do them right.”

Nuno Oliveira

What is the key to simplicity? Awareness.

Simplicity and awareness go hand in hand. You get to the essentials, the only things that matter. There is a confidence in that. For you and your horse.

If you are aware, you can see the heart of the matter. The foundation becomes clear.

Just like in a house. You could look at a house and see many things. The porch design. The décor. The color of the shutters. The size of the bathrooms.

Thankful for Horses

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Gilbert C. Chesterton

For me, Thanksgiving is the holiday of food, fellowship and good cheer. It’s a day where I give myself full permission to sit back and enjoy the things I love the most. When I had a full-time office career (back in my Washington DC days), Thanksgiving meant a day with my horses. Back then, a trip to the boarding barn meant a two-hour round trip (often longer, thanks to DC traffic). To fly down empty roads on a weekday was a rare treat.

Things have changed since then. My commute is a five-minute walk to my own barn. Horses fill my days. They are my office now. My job is all about working with horses, helping horses and taking care of horses. But they are still in my life entirely for my pleasure – for my learning and delight.

Horse Wise Podcast Growing Fast!

We have AMAZING news about the Horse Wise podcast. Since July, we have nearly doubled our audience! The podcast now has listeners in 46 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and ELEVEN foreign countries. That’s a total of 366 cities/regions across the US and the world! Wow!

Here are some fun facts about the Horse Wise podcast:

  • Less than half of our audience is in Texas
  • California, Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin are our fastest growing states
  • Norway is the newest foreign country to join our listener list
  • Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii and Rhode Island aren’t in our audience yet
  • The Netherlands has seven cities listening to Horse Wise

Thank you everyone for your support of Horse Wise’s horsemanship education services and podcast!! We have interviews and episodes lined up for next several weeks. If you would like us to cover a particular topic, please drop us a line.

Looking forward to a great fall season here at Horse Wise!

PS: And if you know anyone who lives in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii or Rhode Island, please tell them about the podcast. Our goal is to reach all 50 states before the end of the year!

Horse Wise Origin Story

Lynn Reardon

For me, Horse Wise began in 2007. Back then, I was running a racehorse adoption ranch and blogging about my experiences. Whenever I would write about a key lesson that a horse taught me, I would tag the post as “Horse Wise.” From that beginning, Horse Wise has evolved into a coaching and teaching service for people and horses.

My history with horses started with learning to ride as an adult (in weekly group riding lessons). A full-time office worker with a normal job, I soon found horses taking over more and more of my life (including a memorable volunteer stint with a mounted Park Police unit). Eventually, I moved from Washington DC to Texas and started the racehorse adoption charity, LOPE. The ex-racehorses provided me with an incredible education about horses, horsemanship and life itself.

Horse Owners Anonymous

Over the course of my work, I’ve met many horse owners entrenched in the grip of horsemanship fail patterns. None of them intend to create situations that set their horses up for failure. But because they are unaware of their actions, they simply don’t see the habits they perpetuate with their horses and riding routines.

The best way to illustrate this principle is to create ridiculously exaggerated parodies of horse owner types who do this. So we can safely mock them while surreptitiously assessing if we’ve made similar mistakes with our horses.

That way, everyone wins.

So, without further ado, here are the Horse Wise Top Eight #HorsemanshipFail Owner Categories.

A Feel Following A Feel

One of my favorite concepts in vaquero horsemanship is “it’s a feel following a feel.”

In that short, almost silly sounding phrase (which conjures up imagines of painfully awkward, hormone-infused prom dances) is the core of an entire philosophy.

Whenever I’ve heard a clinician say it, I’ve nodded sagely in agreement. So obvious, right? You feel for the horse. He feels for you. And off you go, riding as one in zen-like feeliness. (yes, that’s really a word in my world).

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