Lynn Reardon

For me, Horse Wise began in 2007. Back then, I was running a racehorse adoption ranch and blogging about my experiences. Whenever I would write about a key lesson that a horse taught me, I would tag the post as “Horse Wise.” From that beginning, Horse Wise has evolved into a coaching and teaching service for people and horses.

My history with horses started with learning to ride as an adult (in weekly group riding lessons). A full-time office worker with a normal job, I soon found horses taking over more and more of my life (including a memorable volunteer stint with a mounted Park Police unit). Eventually, I moved from Washington DC to Texas and started the racehorse adoption charity, LOPE. The ex-racehorses provided me with an incredible education about horses, horsemanship and life itself.

They also brought me memorable teachers, starting with the best of them all — Ray Hunt. Thanks to the LOPE horses, I wrote a book (Beyond the Homestretch) about my work with them. To my surprise, the book hit the Austin and Dallas bestseller lists — and even was briefly the #1 Horse book on Amazon.

Over the last several years, my work steadily grew into becoming a teacher/coach for horses and their people. Finally in 2016, I formally created Horse Wise, LLC and began operating as a true business. To hear about the entertaining stories and lessons I learned from the horses, please check out our podcast (including our latest episode for more details about Horse Wise’s history). And for more info about our services, please visit our Programs pages, and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.