We are excited to announce that Horse Wise will sponsor a special screening of The Mustang on May 16! The event will benefit LOPE, a racehorse adoption and youth education charity.

The Mustang explores many themes that we especially appreciate at Horse Wise. The story follows the life of a maximum security prisoner. A violent offender, Roman is withdrawn and angry. Through a chance encounter with a mustang, he is drawn into the prison’s wild mustang retraining program. Although Roman has never worked with horses, an especially wild mustang named Marquis catches his attentions. Over time, Roman and Marquis teach each other critical life lessons, culminating in a finale that is dramatic yet ultimately inspiring.

At Horse Wise, we see daily examples of how horses teach people (and vice-versa). We highly recommend The Mustang for its exploration of the horse-human bond in a way that is cinematic, gritty and philosophical. Horse Wise is especially honored to support LOPE for their work with at-risk horses and youth with this event.

In addition to the film screening, there will be a presentation about LOPE’s charity work. A discussion with audience members will follow about LOPE’s programs for at-risk youth.

Event details:

Date: May 16, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Sky Cinemas, Dripping Springs, TX
Contact: LOPE Texas
Cost: Free (with complimentary popcorn and beverages)
Note: This event is now full