Photo deliberately chosen with sole aim of making you smile.

So if you read the previous post, hopefully you’ve come up with a goal for your riding and horsemanship. One that you love and are super excited about. Maybe it’s the Olympics. Or maybe it’s being able to quietly w-t-c on trail rides with your sometimes nervous young horse. Or to compete in a team sorting competition. Whatever the goal — here’s the next step on reaching it.

Look at that goal and decided on a reasonable time frame for it. Is it the Olympics? Your deadline for that will probably be 2024 (unless you are 12, in which case you could pick a much later deadline lol). Quiet w-t-c on trails with skittish young horse? Maybe one year is a good deadline.
Ok — so now you have a deadline.

Next, decide where you would need to be by 12/31/20 in order to make good progress on that goal. Using the quiet trail ride example, if you want to hit that goal by 3/31/21 — then you’d probably want to be w-t-c quietly in the arena with your young horse by 12/31 — and maybe doing some riding outside the arena on your property. Not yet on full trail rides, but building up steadily to that.

Here’s the best part (and the point of this post). Next, look at the mid-goal of where you want to be by 12/31/20. What would you need to accomplish in 90 days in order to be on track for that 12/31/20 goal?
Write that down — whatever it is you would need to accomplish in 90 days — to reach the 12/31/20 goal that then in turn will get you much closer to your BIG goal after that.

I know what you’re thinking. How can you accomplish ANY horse goal in 90 days right now? With the whole coronavirus cluster completely messing up your usual horse schedule.

But trust me — I’ve got ideas for how to do just that. So write down that goal for 90-days (no matter how impossible you think a national quarantine will make it).

And please check out Part III of this blog series. That’s when you’ll really start to have some fun with this whole exercise!